BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!!!!!!! Just go to and click on “Join the IEA Student Progam.”

It cost $27.oo to join SEA. By becoming a member you are also joining the Illinois Education Association as well as the National Education Association. So for $27.00 you are joining three different programs! This is a great bonus because all three levels offer a lot of opportunities for you to better yourself as a future educator such as professional conferences as well as community outreach projects.

There are still more reasons to join Eastern Illinois University Student Education Association. Not only will you meet and interact with other education majors you will also be completing your professional development hours that you will need before graduation.


Dues Rebate after graduation: $20 back for every year that you where a member.

Two Annual State Student Conferences: one in the fall and one in the spring.

Student Scholarships: scholarships of $1,000 are available to members to connect the with future educational opportunities.

Mentoring Program: be paired with a retired teacher, who can give you tips and help with lesson plan ideas.

Professional Publications: receive state and national publications.

Employment Assistance: have your resume sent out by the Illinois Education Association-Student Program to schools across the state.

Professional Development Workshops: attend workshops at the local and state level.

Liability Insurance: $1 million worth of liability insurance.